Used Coffee Bags

Used Coffee Bags

Jute and Sisal from Around the World!

Sourced from local coffee bean importers, these jute and sisal coffee bags are open top, NOT CUT, and baled for your convenience.  We designate four “types” of bags, separated by type and coarseness of material as well as tightness of weave:

“Santos” and “Heavy” bags, also known as “gunny sacks,” exhibit similar burlap material yet vary by weight and size (Heavy are thicker/heavier and longer).

“Colombian” and “Mexican” bags, also known as “grass sacks,” are of a coarser material than Santos and Heavy, and vary in tightness of weave (Mexicans having a tighter weave).

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Approximate sizes of the bags are as follows:

Santos – 27″x40″; Colombian – 29″x37″; Heavy – 28″x44″; Mexican – 29″x38″.