Stretch Wrap / Stretch Film

Stretch Wrap / Stretch Film

All Sizes and Gauges Available!

We carry American-made AmTopp Brand, with access to all widths, lengths, and gauges of hand and machine length films, including High Performance and micron films.  Pre-stretched and other brands are available upon request.

Our standard AmTopp Brand stretch is a linear low-density film used for wrapping pallets to ensure safe transport and storage of products.

Our High Performance hand film is specifically designed to wrap irregularly-shaped palletized products. High Performance film is excellent for use in roping, bundling, and spiral applications.

Also available is our small banding film measuring in width from 3″ – 5″.

Our standard stock sizes range from 12″ to 20″ for hand, and 20″ to 40″ for machine.  Standard gauges run from 45 to 90.

Special sizes, gauges, and microns are available for order as requested!